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At Park Mediterrania HOA on 5/20/04 and 6/3/04 there were 2 protest meetings put together by homeowners.

At the Board of Directors meetings, in spite of many homeowner complaints, none of those comments get in the Minutes.


At the 1st meeting put together by homeowners, on 5/20/04, about two-dozen concerned people attended. After a discussion of the mismanagement by Alex Taylor's Board of Directors and Euclid, it was decided to vote in new members of the Board of Directors and after changing the membership of the Board of Directors, firing Euclid management.


At the 2nd meeting put together by homeowners, on 6/3/04, was a woman who kept making comments that I assumed were just nave and uninformed misstatements of facts. After the meeting, she was by one of the mailbox stands talking to some homeowners and falsely claiming the ducks have been have been here for all the 17 years that she has lived here and that if we have a problem with the duck poop on the sidewalks, we should just rinse it off ourselves. Outside her front door she had a children's wading pool for the ducks use with a garden hose leading to it. Right after she left another homeowner said she has been living here for 9 years and the ducks have only been here for the last two years and that the tall woman is really a follower of Alex Taylor, the President of Alex Taylor's Board of Directors. To bad she did not tell us her motivation for attending the meeting was not as a concerned homeowner, but to mislead people with disinformation so as to disrupt the meeting. So actually we had a protester at our protest meeting. Oh, by the way, someone doing maintenance on the stream nearest the street said, some duck lover had been throwing bread crumbs in the water clogging up the drains.


10/2/04 note: Since writing the above paragraph I have seen the ducks go thru a small hole in the fence between Park Mediterrania and Casa Mediterrania. Also almost to the end of the fence is a heavily damaged section with a much larger entry way for the ducks. Only once have I seen any ducks in flight. If the ducks were herded over there and the holes in the fence fixed, the problem of the ducks fouling the water in our ponds would be greatly diminished.


Bylaws Article IX page 13 "Section 8. Duties. The duties of the officers are as follows:" "Secretary. The secretary shall record the votes and keep the minutes of all meetings and proceedings of the board and of the members " At Alex Taylor's Board of Directors meetings, Euclid, not a member of the board takes down the minutes of the meetings. Not surprisingly even thou I have heard the board badmouthed and Euclid badmouthed at the meetings, those member input comments do not get into the minutes of the meetings.


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