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8/24/04 Amenities comparison between Park Mediterrania HOA and Casa Mediterrania Apartments.


Casa Mediterrania Apartments, 1043 Santo Antonio Drive, (909) 825-1100

On 8/24/04 I bicycled through their property next door to Park Mediterrania Homeowners Association and then phoned their manager. Connie was very helpful with answering questions.


I asked what it was they were doing with their ponds. Connie stated they are presently draining them and then the cracks will be repaired. After that, they will be flushed out and refilled. Recently here at Park Mediterrania, Alex Taylor's Board of Directors had some repair work done on our ponds, but skipped flushing them out before refilling them, therefore the water in all of our ponds is still very filthy. Of course we really shouldn't complain. I have heard Alex Taylor state at several meetings the board's policy was to rip them out when they needed to be repaired. And he also said that they were to expensive to maintain, yet the board paid a whooping $26,600 of our money to demolish the last pond and landscape the area.


Connie said they like the ducks, but when there are to many ducks a duck farm just picks up the extra.

Shaynes Water Gardens and Ponds, Phone: (760) 772-2817, Fax: (760) 772-2837


Unlike us homeowners paying both mortgages and high association dues, the renters there have a lot more amenities then we have. The entrance/exit has two gates. The grounds are very nicely landscaped with better looking and larger sunken ponds. Patio furniture includes stone table and benches near separately fenced spa and swimming pool. Fitness center with work out room, Jacuzzi and two saunas. In the back of the property is a May pole, volleyball court, small basketball court and BBQ with metal table and benches. Yep, a lot more amenities then we have. I have never rented an apartment with so many amenities. I am disappointed that our HOA has so few and due to Alex Taylor's Board of Directors they are in a sad state of disrepair.


Here we have ponds that are not well built and two of the four frequently overflow on the sidewalk or driveway which is a waste of water and raises our utility costs a lot. We do have a swimming pool and a spa. The main gate for them has a lock, but one does not need a key, because it can easily be opened with just a tug. The swimming pool water was clear enough to see what appears to be algae growing on the sides and the bottom of the pool. I'm talking about some real thick clumps of it looking like moss on a tree, I was able to scrap off chunks of it with my swimming pool key. Imagine paying all that association dues money for pool service and still having growing on the sides and bottom that stuff I described. No supervision by either Euclid or Alex Taylor's Board of Directors.

Of course we have something they do not have, tennis courts. But that is nothing to brag about, because our tennis courts are hazardous to play on due to the presence of cracks up to 5 1/2 inches wide and lots of broken glass. The 2 tennis courts each has a gate, but only one has a lock, a broken one at that. Why didn't Alex Taylor's Board of Directors maintain the tennis courts? Ask Alex Taylor. He was on the board for 16 years and the only thing I am aware of he did to them was take down the basketball backboard so neither the kids from the neighborhood nor ours could play basketball.


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