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One example of requests for financial documents that were ignored by Euclid Management.


José Refugio González

1097 Santo Antonio Drive

Unit 67

Colton CA  92324

August 26, 2004


Euclid Management Company
195 North Euclid Avenue, Suite 100
Upland, CA 91786


Dear Sir or Madam:


Hello, I am a current home owner in the Park Mediterrania complex in Colton.  I have been thoroughly puzzled by the fee increase we have recently sustained as homeowners.  I had always thought $266 was excessive, but I didn’t make a peep about it, since I assumed that this rate could not possibly be increased.  Now that we have had our dues increased to $319, I’m left utterly baffled.  A group of diligent homeowners have asked the Board of Directors for reasons that would justify this.  We have received what seem to be canned responses:  “Utilities have gone up”, “Insurance is expensive”, “It’s an accomplishment that we only pay $319”.


Quite frankly, these responses are an insult to us as homeowners.  It is almost embarrassing to admit to friends and family how much we pay.  For that price, they contend, we should have our own butlers and live in splendor.  Of course, we have neither.  We don’t have some basic amenities, and some of what we have is in a poor state.  Our tennis courts are in utter disarray, and the president himself has not complied with requests to replace the basketball backboard, which he keeps in storage.  With all this said, I would like to request some basic financial statements from the management company.  This should be made publicly available, pursuant to the California law passed this past January.  The files/documents I would like are the following:


A balanced monthly report

Income statements

Check registers

Cash receipts registers

And, bank statements for each month from Jan – June


It is my sincere hope that you will comply with this request, and that the fees you charge are “reasonable”.  Reasonable is not $10 a sheet, mind you, since I am aware that an employee has to find these files, click “Copy” and possibly even staple these sheets.  Yet, these are basic services that your company should provide for us.  I thank you in advance for your prompt attention to this matter.





José Refugio González


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