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On 9/9/04 the Park Mediterrania Homeowners Association Special Meeting of the Members was held.

The members voted to remove Alex Taylor's Board of Directors and elect our slate of candidates.


Since May a committee of concerned homeowners has been active gathering signatures on a petition then later on proxies to remove the entire board. The 10 committee members were: Chet Bruce, Dalila Rosales, Jose Gonzalez, Kathy Barnes, Laura Luplow, Lisa Clay, Mellisa Sanchez, Olusoji (Soji) Akinremi, Ralph Cosetta and Tana Baldwin. The committee members running together as a slate of candidates for the 6 Board of Directors positions were: Chet Bruce, Kathy Barnes, Lisa Clay, Olusoji (Soji) Akinremi, Ralph Cosetta and Tana Baldwin.


The vote for the removal (recall) of the entire (Alex Taylor's) Board of Directors was 86 to 7.


Our slate of candidates were elected and that night changed the board meetings back to what the Bylaws require:

"Regular meetings of the board shall be held monthly at such place within the properties "

On 9/23/04, a Thursday, at 6:30 PM the first monthly meeting within the properties will be held by the swimming pool.




The President of the Board at the 4/29/04 meeting admitted the Board of Directors mismanaged our money.

(The committee fully agrees that the Board has been grossly negligent and has breached their fiduciary duty).

At the 2nd Board meeting in May the Board raised the dues $53 (20%) from $266 to $319 in spite of the fact that the 2004 budget stated: "The monthly assessment will remain at $266." Warning: They can raise them another 20% in January.


Our HOA balance sheets show Total Assets, which include the reserves, dropped $342,947 from 9/30/02 to 4/30/04. In only 19 months the Board spent that $342,947 plus $717,668 more it collected in association dues. One million dollars! How was that possible? Only about $100,000 was spent on the repaving. Their letter about the Board voting to increase the association dues only talked about utility costs going up. But what happened to the rest of the $342,947?


The annual independent audit that was given to the members 5 months after it was completed showed the finances are a mess and that it may be necessary to raise regular assessments, pass special assessment(s), or delay repair/replacement.

(If this HOA was a business, it would be considering bankruptcy, not just how to keep the lights on).


The present Board of Directors wastes money by not always getting competitive bids. (How can the President of the Board claim the ponds are to expensive to repair, yet pay a whopping $26,660 to demolish the last pond and landscape the area?).


The present Board of Directors knowingly has repeatedly violated our Bylaws, CC&R's and California laws. (For example Bylaws page 10 Section 4 "Regular meetings of the Board shall be held monthly at such places within the properties ").


The President of the Board fines members not in compliance with the CC&R's, but for years has violated one himself. (CC&R's page 20 Section 8.08 "unreasonable quantities" limits the total number to two (2), but he has three dogs).


The President of the Board has been disrespectful to owners at the meetings and has called delinquent owners deadbeats.


The present Board of Directors has failed to maintain the property, slowing down rising property values. (The Tennis Courts have restrictive Rules on their use, but have cracks up to 5 1/2 inches wide preventing their use).


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