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On 9/23/04 was the new Board of Directors first meeting.


But before reading about the new Board of Directors, one should first read about the problems the new Board inherited. Mismanagement of Park Mediterrania by Alex Taylor's Board of Directors and Euclid Management. The August 2004 Financial Analysis Statement in the Board's monthly packet showed only partial payments could be made on 3 of the four utility bills and for the second month in a row "Operating cash is less than 1 months' budgeted expenses." The previous board and Euclid Management were fiscally irresponsible in the last 2 years spending money like there was no tomorrow.


In the September Board packet was the agenda for the 9/23/04 meeting that included under Old Business security screen doors and under New Business setting up committees including one for Architectural. The new board has decided to stop the previous board's illegal requirement that all approved security screen doors must be purchased from the handyman. He is an unlicensed contractor and his homemade doors do not even look like he is a certified welder.


The new board will be giving the homeowners several options to select from in purchasing a security screen door. The following is only a DRAFT of tentative architectural guidelines for security screen doors.


Either pick from the following approved models, or if you want a model not on this list, you are required to contact Euclid Management for a Request for Architectural Approval packet, complete it then get approval from Architectural Committee.


Home Depot, 695 E Hospitality Lane

San Bernardino 884-4055

Charleston Model 650 Class III

Example at 1097 Unit 69


Ontario Wrought Iron Works, 17827 Valley Blvd

Bloomington 877-6529

Example at 1077 Unit 56


Adam Verska & Sons

(851) 689-6980

Example at 1077 Unit 24


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