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In the last month there have been 6 acts of vandalism against me.


Park Mediterrania HOA Copy to Colton Police Department

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Subject: Vandalism 2005 02 24 vandalism.doc


Dear Park Mediterrania Homeowners 2/24/05


In the last month there have been 6 acts of vandalism against me. First someone cut my telephone wires. On 2/6/05 someone using a BB gun broke my living room window. On 2/10/05 my electric power went out. I found that someone had flipped off all of the circuit breakers at the panel outside of the garage at the driveway. After turning the power back on, I noticed the phone was not working then found the telephone wires had been cut again. On the morning of 2/16/05 I saw two dirt encrusted pieces of concrete block near my car and noticed more dirt on the right rear of my car. Someone hit my car with a large piece of concrete block that then broke into two smaller pieces. This evening I noticed my TV cable was not working then found someone had cut the TV cable wire.


On 10/2/04 I notified management the security light on the side of the building near 1097 Unit # 58 was burnt out. Tonight, nearly 5 months later, that security light is still burnt out. I have noticed other security lights have burnt out including the one over my living room window where nearby my TV cable was cut. The flood lights at the swimming pool that also illuminated the area where I park my car have been off for months. Also out is the security light across the driveway from where my telephone wires were cut and circuit breakers were turned off. Almost all of the security lamps near my condo do not light up anymore. If management was properly maintaining the security lighting, much of the vandalism that has occurred to my property would have been discouraged.


On 1/16/05 I received a 5 page package from the Board of Directors that contained the following excerpts and policies of which some would be financially devastating to home owners:

(1)"One is that if a Home Owner lets his unit degrade to the point where it is an eyesore, the association may, with the proper notification, have the unit brought back up to standards and charge the Home Owner for the cost."; (2) "The board is taking every legal recourse to recoup these funds including liens and foreclosures."; (3) "Any home owner that fails to immediately pick up its animals droppings will be fined at the maximum amount that our CC&R's and By Laws provide." (Twice under the Trash section same language about fines used again).; (4) "Such vehicles will be subject to immediate towing."; (5) "Any person not having the proper key and tag will be subject to prosecution for trespassing."; (6) "The board reserves the right to ask for an assessment to pay for the painting if it becomes necessary before the full amount of funds have been accommodated." (States the same thing about new roofing); (7) States that the association will not pay for eradication of termites or pay for the damage caused by them.; and (8) states that the association will not pay for maintenance of balconies and rain gutters.


Long ago I became a high profile homeowner by first putting up on all the doors several times letters that I had written about the previous board and then starting up my website expressing my concerns ignored by the board. Later after home owner protest meetings and during the following committee meetings I was active in gathering signatures on the petition for the special election meeting and signatures on the proxy/letter that I wrote. So I was very active in the removal of the previous board and the election of the present board. It is very likely there are home owners objecting to things in that 5 page package that they believe I took part in creating it.


Only after that 5 page package was distributed, did someone start vandalizing my property. Why me? Apparently someone is very angry at the Board of Directors, due to the financial impact of that 5 page package, so they are retaliating by attacking me falsely believing that I am still a member of the board. Remember last year after the previous president of the board admitted the board mismanaged the money, his property was vandalized too.


Note my name is not one of the board member names on the last page of the package from the board. I resigned several months ago. So someone is not getting even with the board by vandalizing my property.


Sincerely, Ralph Cosetta




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