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I am a Park Mediterrania homeowner with some concerns that were ignored by both the previous Board of Directors and Euclid Management so I first expressed them in letters and flyers that I distributed five times door-to-door. One of the times, during the asphalt paving, I knocked on the doors and spoke with about 70 of the residents who almost all were very unhappy about the board and Euclid. After Alex Taylor, the previous President, at the 4/29/04 Board of Directors meeting discussed his Budget Analysis and admitted his board had mismanaged the money, I decided still another way to express my concerns would be to start up this web site and have many pages of information up for your viewing. As you know the web site was advertised by taping on all the mail box doors calling cards describing it and also flyers on the sides of the mail box stands. I want to have many pages of info up for your viewing. Please come back regularly for updates. If anyone has any information they want to contribute to this web site or has noticed any factual errors, please contact me. Thank you for the supporting e-mails that I have been receiving at my new e-mail address. I also was active in going door-to-door with committee members gathering signatures on the petition requesting the Special Meeting of the Members to vote on removal of the previous Board of Directors, personally handed to the past President of the Board our petition, authored the 8/12/04 letter to the homeowners giving Some Reasons for Removal of the Board of Directors, created the proxy on the back of the letter and went door-to-door with committee members gathering signatures on that proxy.


Park Mediterrania Governing Documents:






Rules and Regulations:


The Bylaws and CC&R's are searchable meaning their 'find' feature works, but one must have Adobe's Acrobat Reader version 5.0 or higher to use this feature. If you need to upgrade your Adobe Reader, go to download it for free. It is common for Adobe's pdf files on the Internet to open rather slowly. When the pdf files open it is best to use Adobe's menu rather than your browser's menu to make selections. Euclid Management sells the governing documents at up to $1.00 per page. I paid them $100.00 to get the HOA package which includes a few more things such as a year's Minutes.


Latest - a letter about vandalism and some notes on repairing cut telephone and TV cables


On 2/24/05 I wrote a letter describing 6 acts of vandalism against me.


Then I wrote some notes on temporary fixes if vandalism caused telephone and/or coaxial cables to be cut


On 10/16/04 I went to Euclid Management Company's semi-annual Homeowners Association Management seminar in Pomona at the Sheraton Suites Fairplex. Giving the seminar were 4 people including Jon Epsten of Epsten Grinnell & Howell, Attorneys at Law. Just as Park Mediterrania pays for a CPA to do an Independent Auditors' Report, Park Mediterrania needs a law firm independent of Euclid Management to represent this HOA interests. Euclid Management including Jon Epsten of Epsten Grinnell & Howell, Attorneys at Law, to jointly give the seminar shows a close relationship between those two businesses which may not be in Park Mediterrania's best interest. That Law firm representing Park Mediterrania has billed this HOA for communication between them and Euclid Management. What if this HOA has a problem with Euclid Management, can they go to that law firm supposedly representing us for an independent opinion? No. Did Euclid Management recommend to the Board of Directors that law firm to represent Park Mediterrania? Does that law firm recommend Euclid as a management company? Are there a conflict of interests here?


Must Read: Mismanagement of Park Mediterrania by Alex Taylor's Board of Directors and Euclid Management. The August 2004 Financial Analysis Statement in the Board's monthly packet showed only partial payments could be made on 3 of the 4 utility bills and for the 2nd month in a row "Operating cash is less than 1 months' budgeted expenses." The previous board and Euclid Management were fiscally irresponsible in the last 2 years spending money like there was no tomorrow.


Bylaws Article VI page 7 "Section 2. Duties It shall be the duty of the board:" page 9 "(e) To cause the common area to be maintained and to perform such other obligations respecting maintenance as are set forth in the Declaration." Look around the complex. Does it look like the common area has been maintained?


On 10/21/04 was the new board's second Board of Directors meeting.


On 9/23/04 was the new board's first Board of Directors meeting.


On 9/9/04 the Park Mediterrania Homeowners Association Special Meeting of the Members was held,

old board was removed (recalled) and new board was elected.


8/26/04 letter to Euclid Management from a committee member requesting financial documents was ignored.


8/24/04 Amenities comparison between Park Mediterrania HOA and Casa Mediterrania Apartments.


On 8/19/04 was Alex Taylor's Final Board of Directors meeting


7/3/04 letter to Park Mediterrania Homeowners about HOA is still in very serious financial difficulties.


6/04 and 7/04 exodus from Park Mediterrania spurred by Alex Taylor's Board of Directors mismanaging the money.


On 6/17/04 at the Board of Directors meeting-petition for removal handed to president.


5/28/04 letter unbelievable: Alex Taylor's Board of Directors 5/28/04 letter claiming some of the reasons for the association dues increase are due to the increase in all of the utility costs.


On 5/20/04 and 6/3/04 protest meetings of concerned homeowners.


Some legal definitions including gross mismanagement.


Freedom of Speech - Actor Burt Ward, former "Batman" television star, sued the Press-Enterprise for libel contending he had been defamed in an article. A judge dismissed the case on a state statue that protects against lawsuits meant to chill free speech.


Some relevant background info about myself.


Some Park Mediterrania pictures including an aerial view


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