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Some Relevant Background Info about myself.


I am a government bureaucrat used to working within ever changing rules and regulations For the last 10 years I have been working for San Bernardino County in a program funded by the federal government. As the money filters down through the state first, who add their rules too, before arriving at county level where even more rules are added, the rules for the program are very complex. Those on the Board of Directors should have some familiarity with following government rules and regulations as Park Mediterrania HOA is a nonprofit corporation that is required to abide by both California Corporations Code "Nonprofit Mutual Benefit Corporations" and California Civil Code "Common Interest Developments." And as you know Park Mediterrania as a Homeowners Association also has its own Governing Documents.


I am very good at legal research and when I have been wronged, I am very persistent until things are made right For example at the last place I lived, Terrace Oaks Apartments on Washington St. here in Colton, the management there one day towed about 18 cars including one of mine. I took them to Small Claims Court and won big being awarded the cost of towing and the daily storage fee charges. Terrace Oak appealed and by the day the second hearing finally arrived, the number of days my car was in storage had gone up so much I was awarded the maximum amount, $5,000 plus $80 court costs. Even thou lots of people kept telling me I did not have a chance of winning I persisted until I beat my deep pockets landlord. The federal government sued me in United States District Court trying to get me to pay back some old federally insured student loans, but I won the case. After an auto accident an insurance company sued me, but I won the case. After that auto accident the California Highway Patrol wrote me a traffic ticket, but I won that case too. All four of those cases have some things in common. I won all of them on my own without getting an attorney and after doing lots of research. Once I hired a lawyer to get my stuff back from a landlord and the attorney was so slow getting him served with the papers, he at first refused my advice on how to easily get him served, by then most of the property stolen from me, including some irreplaceable things, was lost forever so I just got some of my property back along with a $4,000 settlement. I should have sued the shyster for failure to perform in a timely manner. The point I am making is, when I have been wronged, I am very persistent until things are made right and I am very good at doing research. Alex Taylor's Board of Directors and Euclid Management have wronged me and after researching the HOA package I spent an obscene amount for, $100, and California Civil Code, I have proof of numerous violations by Alex Taylor's Board of Directors.


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